And I know that I screw up things with you really badly, and I’m sorry. I know what I lost, and I know that I can’t be without you. I need you.

Marley Rose + Color: Red

Get to know me meme: [1/5] RL friendships.

"I think I’ve only ever talked to Jacob about it, how grateful we are to like have each other and have been able to go through this together and not have to deal with all the craziness of glee on our own.

Every Glee song ever 
Just Give Me A Reason

"Quick are pretty much in love, there’s no other way to describe them in the episode."
- Spoiler from Glee season 6 (here)





Sue Sylvester didn’t win. Maybe she took away Glee Club, but she’ll never take what we had. We were apart of something incredible.

Marley Rose outfits (Part 7)

Happy 28th birthday, Lea Michele! (August 29, 1986)